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What to say when someone says tell me something good I Look Sex Tonight

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What to say when someone says tell me something good

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I'm not that good at it what to say when someone says tell me something good it's best exercise. I'll do all the nasty freaky shit your hubby won't do to you. Never had sex with a guy wben looking for the experience. Looking to get out today with someone fun, I have somewhere to go at 4, maybe you wanna go with me, until then it would be nice to meet an unattached available single guy, if we hit if off that would even be better. I am someine of doing these things with friends, since the tickets are .

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Join Date Aug Gender: Posts 22 Mentioned 0 Post s Tagged 0 Thread s. Hi yesterday I chatted with one girl I K-closed and the convo went like: After a while I came out with something like: How would you handle the convo?

Join Date Jun Gender: Originally Posted by Wildas. I just haven't sorted in my head when Thank you very much! Join Date Nov Gender: Posts Mentioned 0 Post s Tagged 0 Thread s.

A valid question and some good answers. Now, I would say that it's true, of she wants something "nice" haha so vague you can give it to her, but don't just do it because she's asking for it.

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Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes her saying - "tell me something nice" - will be a shit test. In fact, pretty much everything that comes put woman strap on man a woman's mouth is whej shit test, because they are constantly testing us men.

So, the key thing that you gave to remember in order to pass any shit test is to just be yourself, and I do mean your most basic, true self.

Do you actually want to buy that girl a drink? Has she earned it?

Are you just doing it to get into her pants? Then don't buy her a drink. Do you want sajs tell her something nice?

Maybe you're thinking it would be nice if she were lying on your bed right now in some sexy lingerie, if so, you could tell her that, but don't start trying to say or do things because you feel it's what she wants from you.

That will only get you in trouble with women.

It's better when the nice things you may say to her come from a very genuine place, you should feel every word of it. Cheers, - M.

Join Date Oct Gender: Similar Threads FR: Method that is most congruent for "quiet" or "nice" guys By latebloomer2 in forum General Discussion.

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