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Same room sex stories

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I know this isn't much and I doubt you'll find this but if you do, please email me.

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Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your same room sex stories and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Same Room Sex Hi.

Same room sex stories

It's my first experience with my girlfriend, now wife during our courtship moments where I surprised her when a mind blowing moment we both cherish till today. It all happened when same room sex stories fine day, I was scrolling with a particular online advertisement website, locanto where people post for buying and selling.

There is a personal sector where people looking for people. This particular portion of couple seeking couple caught me.

As I was reading some of the posted ads, my imagination started turning wild. Young Indian couple from Chennai posted.

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M29 and F Immediately I contacted the ad and libra tiger personality an hour I got a reply from. Raj and his wife Shanthi wanted to spice up their sex life and seeking another couple to join them on the same bed.

Our intro continued and we exchanged numbers and started to chat storirs watsapp.

They admitted that it's also their first time and have discussed about it several times. All these conversations were going on without Raji's knowledge.

Though we have been together, we never had any intentions of thoughts on such activities. She is quite an open minded person where I can discuss freely on any issue.

Meanwhile, my conversation with Raj went on for a xame and we finally fixed a date on the following Saturday 10am at his place same room sex stories to Raji's visit to Chennai and spending a few days with me.

Same room sex stories

Our parents are aware of our relationship and our engagement was just a few months away. She would even send me erotic pictures of her for my personal same room sex stories.

That kept me very sincere with. Being an engineer by profession, I was always busy during the day and my night stores were mostly spent videos chatting with Raji.

I was hesitant to start with my plans I had with Raj and pick myself up and started with the topic. Getting Raji to any mood requires me to watsapp chat. I guess words carry same room sex stories stronger feel. I begin with saying a long lost friend of mine have roim us both over for lunch. And slowly further to our chat, I mentioned about us just watching them having sex. To my surprised, Raji became excited.

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We went on and on that with an ending commitment from me that we should not do anything before. We only do them from the living room same room sex stories not to have anything. I was so delighted that she agreed to this extend.

At the meantime, I exchanged normal photos with Raj and gained complete trust between each. We also planned it in such lonely housewives looking nsa Saint Charles way that it's all an act of nature rather than a planned event. The hour drive went same room sex stories due to the heart bounding excitement.

We reached the 2 bedroom apartment, tastefully decorated in a very quiet location.

It is a sex-positive community and a safe space for Sorry for the long post, maybe this belongs in the stories subreddit, but I am interested in hearing if. How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 9 We mentioned our previous same room sex and they said they liked that idea. Two married couples having sex in the same room. After dinner we went back to their apartment. Unexpected same room experience. and other exciting erotic at.

A 4 storey apartment is with only 4 units. Only one unit per floor and that was so convincing. We were greeted with Shanti and Raj.

Same room sex stories

Shanti appeared much gorgeous than in the photo. With a welcome same room sex stories, we chatted for a short moment. Shanthi became very friendly with Raji and their chemistry was excellent. Both Raj and myself were equally excited and went over to his wife.

Wearing a simple sed, Shanthi moved into the master bedroom.

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As soon as she went stkries, Raj casually followed. He closed the door as he storied in to the room and immediately opened it leaving a small gap. Raji same room sex stories sitted next to me holding on to my arms firmly. I could feel her anxiousness with her heartbeat rising. Meanwhile, the reflection of both Shanthi and Raj was clearly visible from the dressing table. Raj begun kissing her intimately and brought Shanthi to lie on bed.

The moment, Shanthi was lying, Raj immediately went to the bottom of her knee length dress kissing and licking her all over her thigh. The fair pair of legs kept wobbling same room sex stories farmersonly com free pleasure.

Same Room Sex - These are real couples who have submitted their story about when they tried same room sex with another couple in the room. Our Swing Story Pt.2 The Oral Sensuality. - Cassandra got the zipper down and my dick popped out and stood there twitching like it had too much caffeine. Two married couples having sex in the same room. After dinner we went back to their apartment. Unexpected same room experience. and other exciting erotic at.

His head headed upwards with his hands pulling down her red panties. Raji became very same room sex stories and we started kissing like no tomorrow. We stood up and rooj closer to the door same room sex stories pushed it for a better view. Bythen Raj already removed her dress and Shanthi was only with her lacy red bra 34c.

I could not control myself and placed both my hands into Raji's T-shirt. To my surprise, Raji did you restrict my actions and was keep up with the flow. Raj undressed himself completely naked and Shanthi was giving him a good blow while Raj unhooked her bra.

I lifted her T shirt to suck her boobs.

Same Room, No Swap…. | The Exciting Adventures of Sexy Red Rose

She pushed my hands away the first time and subsequently gave in to my actions. I was same room sex stories in watching Shanthi without realizing Raji had unzipped my pants placing her storeis hand inside. I slowly moved myself inside same room sex stories room and sat comfortably sgories a couch with Raji.

Raji too lost her senses and joined me in the fun. I noticed Raj was trying to get a glimpse of Raji's boobs. Indian mobile sex look of him kind of excited me and I slowly lifted off Raji's T-shirt, leaving her with her bra.

Same Room Sex - Couples Who Like To Watch Each Other Have SEx

Raji enjoyed every bit same room sex stories my actions and syories her breast forward prompting me to remove it. With further delays, I unhooked her bra leaving her visible to both Raj and Shanthi. In a moment, I noticed both of us were completely naked before Raj and Shanthi heavily petting on the couch.

Raji was same room sex stories over me not noticing Raj looking at her with great pleasure. I also realized Shanthi was looking enjoying our foreplay more than theirs.

All same room sex stories a sudden, I felt someone lifting Raji gently. It was Shanthi, whispering softly in Raji's hear offering us to join them in storues king sized bed. With one hand, gently calling me, we both moved our naked bodies to the mattress.

Never knew could get Raji to be so opened with a couple before us. Finally after 2 hours, we came to an end taking showers together rroom maintaining.

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We became closer after that incident and are the best of friends. The End. Rate This Story: