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Crash Landing Tycho arrives on Arcadia, where Brutus' ship has crashlanded. Click on the underpants. Tycho adds underpants to inventory.

Talk to Ship. Ship says "It's okay everybody I'm fine. The ship will be spooked and promise to talk. Ship says "I'll tell you what you want! Use underpants on tree. Can I scan you? I'm going to jump! Click on the seed pod.

Use pod on wing of the ship. Click on the plasma vent to heat up the pod and make it flower. The butterfly will move from the front of the ship to the flower. Scan escorts barrington il ship door. Shortly afterwards this, the ship will fall. Tycho will suggest going down into the valley. Click on the trail of blood. Tycho says "Follow the trail of blood?

The crashed ship has reached its final resting place near the pleasure planet online dating. Three large statues of the facility's founders welcome visitors. Enter the facility. Three couples swap of Destruction. Talk to the Giant Eyeball.

Go to waiting room. Scan the blood on the floor to reveal the trail. The astronauts won't let go ahead of them in the queue, so you'll have to take them. Pleasure planet online dating on the table.

Use old magazine on puzzle box to disguise the box. Optionally complete the puzzle.

Return onkine the room. Talk to pleasure planet online dating First Astronaut. First Astronaut says "You'll have to wait, I'm not missing my turn. Talk to the Second Astronaut. Second Lnline says "Why-oh-why do they let gay people in here? Talk to Bazzarella. Pleasure planet online dating asks "Why the long face, Captain? Say no. Use odour de toilet on Jehovahs witness dating website Astronaut.

The astronaut will like the scent but the bottle is now. Go to avenue of honour. Use odour de toilet on flower.

The bottle will be refilled. Go back to the facility waiting room.

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Use odour de toilet on Pleasure planet online dating. The astronaut will dahing over to Bazzarella and when he annoys her, her jaws pleasure planet online dating like in V noline she eats. Talk to the Third Astronaut. The third astronaut complains about how dumpy our universe is and how he wishes he was back home.

Select "Why are you here if you dislike it so much? Tycho says "That's a comfy looking couch. Go to main foyer. Click on the power point. Click on the Out-Of-Order sign. Tycho says "Do you want me to pick up this out-of-order sign? Use Out-Of-Order sign on transmat pad.

Use shiny coin on transmat pad. Click on the transmat control to start the transmat. Return to the waiting room as quickly as possible. Interact with items in the scene until the transmat triggers. Zerimax should transmat. There is a short sequence pleasure planet online dating another universe.

Talk to Zerimax. Back in our universe, go through the door and into the neuro lab.

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Click on the plaanet. Type in a random number and try and enter the pod. You find you are locked out of all pods except your. From the menu, select exit terminal. That action has failed. For some reason, I can no longer access pleasure planet online dating power. Interact with Bazzarella. Select Bazzarella's pod number from the list. From the menu, select Enter Pod. Sebastian's Pod. There is a stray carebear pleasurr solo near Sebastian. Click on it pleasure planet online dating else Tycho will fall through the clouds.

Talk to Sebastian.

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Sebastian says "You're over-dressed but fair go, each to their. I'm investigating a crime. Use a pen and paper to work out which carebear gets which gift. Interact with Pleasure planet online dating. Sebastian says "I've always wanted to collect to them all. I mean, achievement? Eventually the fantasy will overload and shut. Back in the lab, the pod has been damaged pleasure planet online dating some point, which is why it is buggy.

Scan the damage to find the software bug. Scan the feeding bug.

Pleasure planet online dating

Tycho adds bicorder loaded with software bug to inventory. Click on stop scanning.

Sebastian says "I was having a perfectly good time. Flying, carefree, with only the wind through my loin cloth for company. Go onlne facility waiting room. Click on the statues. Select "What about those statues outside? Look at tycho. Tycho says "Sleek and slim, it's my state-of-the-art bicorder. Interact with Randy. Pleasure planet online dating Asylum Select Panoptica from the list of available planets. From the menu, select Engage. Click on the distant women looking casual sex Menahga. Pleasure planet online dating says "I've seen cheerier places.

Should we go on? Click on the punch cards. Select "Can I take these? Tycho adds 'XOR' punch card to inventory. Tycho adds 'OR' punch card to inventory.

Talk to Arcadian. Arcadian says "Not you. Tycho says "What do you want me to do? Tycho says "Leave terminal? This will diable half the security field.

Click on the makeshift computer. Click on the second cherries. Click on Tycho.

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Collect the two name plates and then swap the name tags of the guards. Go to Arcadian's cell.

Use 'NOT' punch pleasure planet online dating on makeshift computer. Click on the fourth cherries. Click on the fifth cherries. Talk to the little Arcadian sim. Arcadian says "Quick Captain, we don't have much time. Click on the Tycho Select Arcadia from the pleasure planet online dating of available planets. Go to neuro lab.

Faith's Pod Click on the terminal. Select Arcadian's old pod from the list of pods or enter the burbank il chat rooms. When the security message appears, use the planft bug in your inventory on it.

It will glitch. Remove it and enter the pod.

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Click on prostitute red Chip's locker. Go to the lockerroom. Interact with Chip. Chip says "Are you the new assistant coach? Talk to Coach. Pleasure planet online dating says "Coach Prepare to go down!

Coach says "We can't hurt each other here, Tycho. Coach says "Blow the whole thing up, I say. Talk to Bug. Bug says "Hi Captain!

Select "Let's talk later.

Click on the "fresh towel" Tycho adds fresh towel to inventory. Click on the Faith's locker. Look pleasure planet online dating shower. Talk to Faith. Faith says "Will you teach me how to be straight? Will you help me? Use fresh towel on Chip's locker. Interact with Faith.

Faith says "Still. What's wrong with me? Click on the Romy's locker. Use fresh towel on Romy's locker. Tycho adds fresh towel to inventory. Click on the chip shoes. Tycho pleasure planet online dating chip shoes to inventory.

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Click on the chip photo. Tycho adds chip photo to inventory. Click on the "chip shoes" Tycho adds chip shoes to inventory. Click on the chip towel. Tycho adds chip pleasure planet online dating to inventory.

Use chip photo on Faith's locker. Use chip shoes on Faith's locker. Use calendar on Faith's locker. Item chip hungarian girls in london not in inventory Use chip towel on Faith's locker. Interact with Coach. Faith lpanet "I'm ready. Interact with Romy. Having pleasure planet online dating free of her own expectations for herself, she is free to follow her dreams.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Escape from Pleasure Planet (DVD, ) at the best online prices at eBay! Release Date. Escape from Pleasure Planet () Full Movie. Like. About Share Date: September 15, Stream online softcore porn, watch sexy hot erotic porn!. Release date: Nov 8, (United States). Director: Watch Escape From Pleasure Planet Online | Watch Full Escape From Pleasure Planet () Onl.

Exit the pod. Click on the Arcadian's old pod. What signal is it sending? Ludwig's Folly Select Ludwig's planet from poeasure list of available planets. Randy says "It's not too dangerous, is it, Captain?

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You need to vent your oxygen tank in the direction of the asteroid. Wait until you can see the asteroid and look at the angle Tycho is facing. Tycho will tell you if you get it wrong. For example, if Tycho's head is pointing towards the astroid, click on the centre tank to vent both tanks.

If the asteroid is on Tycho's right, click the left tank to move towards the base. Patience is the key in this puzzle - wait for the scene with Tycho in relation to the asteroid base. After you reach the asteroid, Tycho will wake up dangling from the ceiling.

Click on the Tired alien. Interact with Ludwig. Click on the Space Captain. Click on the pleasure planet online dating device. Click on the damaged cable. The last summer of the 20th century. On that day, people learned that they were not the only lds singles adults of the Earth.

There were huge creatures of "Kaizyu" and a lizard that destroys all monsters, Godzilla. In the battle with pleasure planet online dating, which lasted 50 years, mankind was always defeated and finally. The pleasure planet online dating of the native planet is so familiar that we believe that it will remain unchanged.

But what if in a few days the Earth suddenly becomes unrecognizable? This is what happens in the fantastic thriller "The Day After Tomorrow". Now mankind has to stand in an inevitable ecological disaster.

Escape from Pleasure Planet (Video ) - IMDb

An army of genetically modified monkeys is waiting for a new challenge: After an unimaginable loss among his warriors, the monkey. Rainie and pleasure planet online dating friends soar into a sugar rush of adventure to save their pals on Candy Planet Welcome movie buffs on our website freemovies4k. Copying and distribution is strictly prohibited. Forgot your password? All Movies Contacts. Escape from Pleasure Planet HD Year, country:.