JCPenney Former Associate Kiosk

It is a shopping platform from which you can meet your needs by shopping. JCPenney has its stores in many countries which are run by many merchants. JCPenney has also given you the facility of the online platform. So let us tell you how you can benefit from the online platform and what JCPenney Kiosk will help you. The JCPenney Company has established its online website called JCPenney Kiosk.

An employee management system is called a Jtime. It is specially designed for employees. Employees life has become easier because of the help of Associate Kiosk. To avoid trouble, JCPenney Kiosk has become the key to employee life. Simply put, this means that JCPenney Kiosk addresses and addresses many of an employee's concerns.

JCPenney Former Associate Kiosk

The integration of online store and in-store in Kiosk gives the customer this experience which allows them to access various products from the online store. Online shopping has contributed to the increase of digital marketing. This not only makes shopping easier but also benefits the survivors who are earning their living. This is possible only because of digital marketing.

For example, JCPenney Kiosk helps an employee with:


Absence leave



Pay Check

JCP Former Associate Kiosk

The interesting thing about JCPenney Associate Kiosk is that former employees of Associate Kiosk JCP can also access this website. Even if there is a fixed limit of 18 months after the expiration date. Which is convenient for them, they can take advantage of this. Below are the details for you to understand.

 A step by step guide to accessing the JCP Former Associate Kiosk:

  • The JCP Associate Kiosk website is the key to it all
  • Select the former Associate Kiosk and click
  • Enter your username and password

User identity must be strong in 9 digits. And the password should be 11 digits. Password Capitalized JCP consists of month of birth (2 digits), year of birth (2 digits), including the last four digits of the SSN which is your social security number.

For example:

JCP 10984567

10 is the month of birth

98 Birth year is a double digit

4567 is your SSN

Former JCPenney Jtime employee login to use this portal to print pay stubs or to obtain JCPenney W2 or W2C forms. Can do.

How to get a pay stub print?

  • After logging in to your account, click "My Money"
  • On the left, click "Payment"
  • Find the check you want to see by clicking anywhere on this line

How to print a copy of W2?

  • After logging in, click on "View W2 / W2C Form"
  • Click anywhere on the line with the tax year
  • If you need another year, click "View different tax years"

How does JCPenney Associate Kiosk Perform?

Our success is rooted in the belief that we tend everyone the way we would want to be tended.

People, Passion, Purpose:

JCPenney is more than a destination for values and elegance. For serving customers, we share a passion. Making JCPenney the best for all the families and brace our communities. It’s a place where careers prosper, accomplishments are memorized and diversity flourishes.

It’s a place that’s meant for you.

Benefits of JCPenney

Call 1-888-890-8900 Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm Central Time.

The JCPenney Benefit Center is helpful in discussing basic employee questions:

  • Health benefits
  • Pension or retirement benefits
  • Temporary benefit
  • Qualification advantage

And many more employees' questions that are addressed and answered.

For the use of the JCPenney Employee Kiosk, All you need is basic consultant and to accomplish it. With the help of this guide you will be capable to smoothly explore your schedule and access many features for your job at JCPenney. That’s why Kiosk has been used for employee convenience and adequate for the business become easy.

Advantages to Employees

Benefits of employees for working at JCPenney are:

  • Company Store Discount.
  • Paid Holidays/Vacations
  • Casual Dress/Atmosphere.
  • Life Insurance/Disability
  • Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule.
  • Paid Sick Leave.

W2 Support line

Call the support line at 1-800-567-9248

  • You can apply for a reissue of your W2 documents up to seven years ago (which can be reached by mail)
  • Also, you can apply for instructions on printing W2 documents from a former associate Kiosk (exactly 18 months apart)

These facilities make these documents not only easy but also quick. The on-screen instructions on JCPenney Kiosk's website make everything just a click away.