How to access J.C. Penney Kiosk to make your workspace experiences and convenient

J.C. Penney is a shopping platform, where people can also shop online. That's why this website is developed. This website has been specially developed by J.C. Penney. JTime is a system in which employees are given facilities which are called J.C. Penney Management System. J.C. Penney associates are playing an important role in making the life of the employees easier, which has many benefits for the employees. When we talk about easy a life, I mean no matter how many concerns the employees have, the commune does not even have an impact and it is dealt with. J.C. Penney has become the key to an employee's life, so they don't have to worry about anything.

  • MTO
  • Leave of absence
  • PTO
  • Paycheck Stub
  • Schedule

All of these are playing an important role in helping employees.

J.C. Penney Kiosk JTime Employee Login

You have to follow thee steps accordingly to access JCPassociates Kiosk Login:


  • First, you have to open the website with the help of any computer.
  •  When you log in, you will see a lot of things, from employment disputes of arbitration to associate recognition.
  • Then you have to choose Associate Kiosk @ Home from the option that has given to you.
  • After you click on it you will be able to login directly to this page (JCPenney Information Security)
  •  Now enter your effect name out password.
  •  Now you have to click on the login button.
  • Now you have to enter on ‘Clear' to retype your user ID and password.
  • When you click on Login, you will be directly taken to the Kiosk Dashboard.
  •  you can check paystubs, JTime and any other thing according to what you are willing to open according to your leave and other details, as n employee.

Former Associate Kiosk

All kiosk employees can get access from this website, even if they have a certain limit of 18 months after the termination of this period. This is interesting about this website.

Follow these steps to access Former Associate Kiosk:

  • For all of them, JCP Associate is an important key.
  • Now you have to choose, and click Former Associate Kiosk.
  • Lastly, you have to write your user ID and password on the site.

You must have 9 digits strong user ID and your password must be strong of 11 digits long. In any case, your password should be the JCP Capitalization, Birth month (2 digits) , Birth year (2 digits), and the last 4 digits of your SSN which is your Social Security Number.

For Instance : JCP12030367

‘12’ There are two digits in which he has a birth month.


‘03’ There are two digits in which he has a birthday year.


0367 are the digits that are your SSN.

This is ex J.C. Penney Time employee login that makes it possible to print to this portable of  W2 or W2c or paystub form of J.C. Penney.

After explaining in detail everything will be easy for you. Now you can easily enter and access

Here we'll tell you how to get a print of a paystub

When you first log in to your account, then click on ‘My Money' button.

Now click on ‘Pay’ on the left side.

Now, if you want to check something, you can click here at that line to whatever you want to see.

How to print a copy of W2

Here you will learn about how to print a copy of W2

  • Click up on ‘View W2/W2c' after logging in.
  • Click on the tax year's line where you want to click.
  • Click on 'View Different Tax Year' if you are looking for a Different Tax Year.

J.C. Penney Benefit Centre

J.C. Penney benefit centre is performing a significant role in solving employees' basic questions.

Employee benefits:

  • Most importantly Health care benefit
  • Benefits of retirement/ pension.
  • Eligibility's benefit.
  • Time-Off benefit

And many more questions from employees are answered keeping in mind.

Central time to call Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, helpline 1-888-890-8900

W2 Support Line

1-800-567-9248 This is the support line to call.

  • You can request your 7 year old ‘W2' documents to issue it again. ( Which will be done by mail)

You can request instruction from the former associate kiosk to print your W2 documents. ( Up to 18 full months from separation )

The instructions on the screen of J.C. Penney Kiosk's website make everything easier with a single click. Due to this facility, it is not only easy to get documents but it has also been done quickly.

JTime for Permanent Employees

As a Former or permanent or Part-time Employee, J.C. Penney Kiosk has a lot of advantages for you. 'JTime' helps you in shifting your store, and looking at your schedule. Simply log in and you can see the shift of your store with one click, with the help of a feature of J.C. Penney  on you can see the changes in your shift through My JTime.

Paystub Details.

after the process of logging in, J.C. Penney employees can view their paystub details as well as their deposits and paper checks from the tab with a single click. If the advice is written on it, it means a direct deposit, and if it is written on the check, which means that it is a paper check, and if you do not get the details of your paystub, Call the power line on 1-888-890-8900line.

Other Services Include

When you check your old used LOA, you can also apply for request the absence of your LOAs, With the help of J.C. Penney Associates Kiosk.

J.C. Penney Employee Kiosk

All you need is a basic guide. follow these steps,  in this guide, it will make it easier to check your schedule and to access various features of your job. The use of J.C. Penney Kiosk has not been only beneficial for employees but also convenient for business.

J.C. Penney Employee Kiosk Background:

The Walt Disney Corporation was the first to introduce its employees to the Early Eighties. At first they were used for the benefit of the employees, then for the convenience of the guests. They were also successful in help the guests to register and make reservations through the park. Companies such as ATT use it to accept payments, while other corporations like Walt-Mart use it in stores for other purposes. Later when other companies were moving to Scan Bar codes, then these companies were integrated it into their store. Kiosks are still widely used today for wedding wish lists and registrations and so on, also J.C. Penney Associates uses them for employees. Employees can apply for their transfer as well as for the company's business, and for checking employees' schedule.

How J.C. Penney Associate Kiosk Work:

Employees will go to the bottom of the screen and after clicking on 'Login', the screen will allow them to login with their employee information. Then they can get their information.  Their work schedule takes place in this location. After reading the list of events, go to the place you want to access. Navigation is very easy, now select it and press enter. That was all.

Security and Options

When the user logs into the system, the employee must be very careful about protecting their data. The J.C. Penney Associate Kiosk is safe to enter the data. Once they log in, they can change if they need to change something. If the employee wants to work at a fixed time, he can enter and finished. The transaction is complete after the log out. This can be very beneficial for employees who have a vacation application.

The Future

Employees need to be in line with this tradition, which means that there is a lot of chance to be grow in future. In this way the J.C. Penney Associates Employee Kiosk is capable of transacting. For offer assistance to the employees of J.C. Penney, they are secured and efficient. The company's initial investment is not low-cost. It is well worth that the company will notice the future savings and future deductions will be considering. This software is available online for the convenience of employees. The company can get there with another avenue of communication, where it can not be reached. The kiosk can handle a lot of things, which facilitates the employee.

How to Apply Online for a Job at J.C. Penney Careers

You have to go to the to start your career. Click on ‘J.C. Penney Careers Opportunities' untile the page loads.

Now click on ‘Apply Now or Update Profile' after the page loads.

Click on the ‘Click here to register' link at the top of the page and join the site.

Before looking for employment, you need to fill your email address and 8 digits password, Choose Single Security Issue.

J.C. Penney Careers

Refining your search on the job search page charges your registration. Clicking on "Fair", "Management" clears the search of your state. Be aware that whatever you are looking for is not available in your area. But this is not a reason for not submitting your application. To update your profile with details, Click on 'My Profile' next to the Search menu at under the J.C. Penney Carrier toolbox.

To insert your cover letter and references, click on 'My Carrier Tools'. Under the beige box button “Add attachment”. Now the screen will ask about many files you set.  Select the Appropriate file and upload it to the site.

Start searching for your job by adding the Search Filter for Integrated Information and Job Category.  When you find a good job you can upload your resume, or copy and paste it on the website. To add resume Click on 'Resume' then click on 'Browser' find the correct file and then click on 'Continue'. An Empty Box is available if you want to copy and paste your resume on the site.

Fill in the Box that asking of your CV. The J.C. Penney display asks more information such as skills, level of education and reference. After fill in the information and check often, click on ‘Submit Request' bottom of the form. The Confirmation screen will warn you for application status. To become an employee at J.C. Penney Congratulations and Good Wishes For you!